Is Mobile On Your To Do List?

Last year was a very interesting year for mobile. We’ve been waiting for small businesses, especially main street businesses, to realize the power of mobile. For us, 2011 was like watching the sun rise. Gradually business owners started realizing the power of mobile and what it could do for them.

Last year businesses were questioning why they needed a mobile solution. After all, their desktop website is visible on smartphone screens. 2012 is the year when businesses will be asking, “How do we get started?”

This year social media will finally live up to its press. With mobile being so complementary to social networking, finally social media will stop being a business’ red headed stepchild and start being a must-do. Or else cost a business when it comes to their search engine rankings. Social proof – the presence that you have on the web from other people, their vote of confidence in you by talking about your business, is going to become more and more important in 2012. Mobile makes social proof easier.

People are like water – they too like the path of least resistance. Consumers want convenience. Especially if they are mobile consumers. Having your business presence on mobile makes it easier for visitors to share your information. Smartphone hardware makes sharing socially easy.

Engaging and connecting with your business is convenient with a mobile web presence.

A hot-off-the-press report on mobile holiday shopping in 2011 reveals some very interesting information. Consumers who have had a good retail mobile experience are much more likely to become repeat customers. The flip side of that is found in a Harris Interactive study – if consumers have a poor mobile experience with your company they are less likely to do business with you again.

Via any marketing channel.

So, what’s the best way for your business to get started in mobile?

With QR codes, text marketing and most importantly, a mobile website.