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Mobile Marketing Max and LIFESPAN Arts joined to bring the Charlotte, NC region’s first mobile enhanced art show to NoDa.



Mobile Marketing For Art Show Comes to iPhone, Android & Blackberry and LIFESPAN Arts Join Up to Create Charlotte, NC Area First Mobile Enhanced Art Show.

Charlotte, NC June 22, 2011 – Mobile Marketing Max, Charlotte, NC’s leading mobile marketing agency, today announced that the first mobile enhanced art show in the region will take place June 23rd at LIFESPAN Arts, a multi-disciplinary, fully inclusive art studio situated in the North Davidson Art District in Charlotte, NC.

LIFESPAN Arts’ new show, Access, will use mobile technology to increase personal engagement and interaction with the artwork and gallery during the event.

Mobile Marketing Max is providing Quick Response (QR) codes that will enable smart phone users to access artwork information that would usually be displayed beside each piece of art. Smart phone users can download free scanning apps to their phone to further take part in the show.

The QR codes are paired to mobile web pages designed to deliver more information about the art on display. Tracey Hartzog, of LIFESPAN Arts, said, “We chose a mobile website because we saw it as an ideal way to introduce the population that LIFESPAN serves to the Internet. By using a QR code, it provides an easy and accessible way to the artist’s own website without having to enter the web address.” Hartzog added, “We chose Charlotte mobile marketing agency Mobile Marketing Max based on their technical knowledge and the quality of previous work and we think the show will be innovative, fun and very different.”

Fran Jeanes, founder of the mobile marketing agency, said, “We recommend everyone use ScanLife’s app to join in the fun.” Adding, “Access is the first mobile enhanced art show that we are aware of. It was born from an idea I had about eighteen months ago when my company started offering QR codes for small business marketing. I see so much potential for this technology in Charlotte’s museums, city parks, theatres and other art galleries. Access is pioneering mobile enhanced art and I look forward to taking this technology further.”

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular and are being embraced quickly by Fortune 500 companies eager to be ahead of the curve and stand out from their competitors. Fran Jeanes added, “Using mobile technology to reach, engage and interact with consumers is immensely powerful. Many small businesses don’t realize that marketing via mobile means they can now have the look of a Fortune 500 company but within their budget. The marketing playing field has been leveled.”

LIFESPAN Arts Access art show & reception will take place in The Atrium at 2424 North Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC 28205, 5:00 – 8:00pm, Thursday June 23rd.

Access was funded by a grant from the Reemprise Fund, which enabled artists from LIFESPAN Arts to partner with affiliate artists from the McColl Center for Visual Arts.

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2D Barcodes – Adding Mystery to the Mundane

I’ve been thinking a lot about 2D barcodes recently. You might be familiar with them somewhat, or not know what on earth the 2D part means – but know this: They will be the biggest thing since sliced bread! At least from a mobile marketing perspective anyway.

Now that’s got your attention, let me talk a little about what the 2D part means. These are dot matrix barcodes and they were invented by the Denso Wave Corporation in Japan in 1994. It’s taken a long time for them to make their way across the Pacific, but they are finally getting a tiny foothold in the US.

2011 will be a big year for 2D barcodes – so get ready!

We are all familiar with regular 1D barcodes – the ones that are found on almost everything we buy. Well, these ones hold more information and can be easily created to link to many different things. At the top of the page is a photo of some of my business cards. On the back is a barcode that links to a page on this website.

There are several different types of 2D barcodes but the one I use is a QR or ‘Quick Response’ code. I had been using a proprietary one from Scanlife but then earlier this year Google started promoting QR codes for their Google Places business listings. Argument over at that point. Go with QR codes.

I think teenagers and college kids are going to go nuts over these things though. It’s pretty cool to have your own barcode. It’s also mysterious – where on earth will it take you? Will you like what it takes you to?! It can’t be decoded by human sight – the code needs to be broken by using a handheld Enigma machine of sorts - a smart phone and a scanning app. Try Scanlife’s.

The viral possibilities for this square of secrets are only limited by your imagination. One thing I thought of today as I was putting this post together was this:

If you like to create videos - embed a 2D barcode into a video that is only visible for a couple of seconds. By pausing on the video it would be possible to scan the barcode and go to its destination. Gimmicky, but it would make viewers watch the video to find the bar code. It would also add interest.

A few years ago the Pet Shop Boys did this when they used a 2D barcode in a music video and the promo material that went with the CD. However, the barcodes were on screen for a millisecond making pausing the video and then scanning it on a screen difficult.

Small business owners – don’t, like the title of this post suggests, actually link your barcodes up to mundane things. I just used that for the alliteration. Instead, think about ways you can use 2D barcodes to spice up your marketing and add extra value to a customer who takes the time to decode it. And share your ideas below – if you dare!

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