• "As a first time entrepreneur, Fran was great for me to work with using the SmartSite design. She made the process simple while also making suggestions about the look of the site and content display to tailor it for my business. The service was very timely which helped in getting the business launched. It was a pleasant experience and the SmartSite looks great!" ~ Donna Taylor.
    It was December, a week before Christmas, and Donna Taylor was excited about starting her new business in the new year.
    Without business cards designed, and only a logo in the works for the rest of her marketing, we completed Donna's website before the holidays - and enabled her to then design business cards based off the design of the site. 
    The web design first approach also made creating the remaining marketing collateral a lot easier. And it enabled consistent branding.
    Site creation as the first piece of marketing that's created goes against the typical path that a new business owner takes, which is usually: Get a logo, business cards and brochures. Then a website. 
    Donna is one of many clients who came to us in the infancy of their small business and we were able to consult with them on branding and marketing with their target market in mind. 
    As CPA, and now a business coach and consultant, Donna Taylor helps CPAs identify solutions and take action to achieve goals.

    If you are starting a business and want the marketing process to flow smoothly, chat with us about our "web design first" solution.