• "Fran Jeanes has an eye for detail and a knack for creating something smart and beautiful in short order; out of a messy big project. I love my website. Love her tenacity. Love her work! And she’s a beautiful human being to top it off. Trust her, you can’t go wrong. Thank you Fran! Great work." ~ Nicole Henderson.
    We love the challenge of a big project - to take a lot of content and distill it into essential "sound bites" that get the message across. When Nicole Henderson, the Empowered Intuitive, came to us, she had a lot of content. A re-branding was created, and after sifting and re-writing, the web design stage began. 
    With our streamlined design process, finely honed from over 20 years in business, we finished the project in just over a week.

    Web design doesn't have to be complicated, and design projects don't have to be time-consuming. Chat with us if you need a beautiful website designed in a hurry!